Sunday, 15 March 2015

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dogs Like Knitting Too

I know I've been so very tardy about posting lately, but I have been busy knitting for the dogs.
I know **grins** but I don't have small people to knit for anymore and as most of you know my dogs are my babies.

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was knitting Badger Boo a jumper, he's been feeling the cold indoors due to hair loss from his medication. I love this pattern so much, as it uses my two favourite stitches Cables and Moss Stitch. 
Badger Boo was having a shy day when I took these photos and refused point blank to look at the camera, luckily it's the jumper I was photographing not him LOL.

I used a free pattern off Ravelry which can be found here

I've also been busy sewing the knitted squares together my mum gave me to make a blanket for Boris to cover his crate at night and keep him toasty warm. 

I'm linking this week's post to My Sunday Photo and tomorrow I'll also add it too the Creative Mondays and Handmade Monday Blog Hops.